Iowa Youth Sports Initiative

Iowa Youth Sports Initiative is a non-profit focused on developing BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE based on the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance. IYSI provides this through resources for youth and high school coaches, parents, leaders and student-athletes. We provide your sports banquet, pre-season team and parent meetings, coaches training sessions, and seminars with qualified speakers to help you develop youth athletes as players AND as people, to help make your players more coachable and confident, and to help your parents provide better support for players and coaches.


Emotionally Committed

We are committed to achieving our mission of transforming the culture of youth sports.


We are professionals in all we do. We run our non-profit business with care.


 We believe leadership is making our clients better and more productive, making young athletes BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE.

We fill each other’s emotional tanks. We recognize and celebrate our successes with each other and support each other through disappointments.