Developing Better Athletes, Better People

The Process


In addition to hundreds of free audio-video and printable tips and tools at, Iowa Youth Sports Initiative draws from regional experts in issues surrounding youth sports to deliver group workshops, seminars and online courses.

IYSI is available to provide your sports banquet, preseason team meeting, parents meeting or coaches training session programs in order to help you develop youth athletes as players AND as people.

Our presenters speak to:
*Improving the process (the journey) vs. concentrating on the product (winning is good, but should not be the only focus).
*Making everyday count. Focusing on attitude, work ethic, and passion. Including commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, teamwork and leading vs. leader.
*Being part of something bigger than yourself.

Topics for Coaches

We provide a myriad of seminars and workshops of interest to coaches:  Pledges and Codes, Emergency Plans, Goal Setting, Training Youth, Leadership, Working With Parents, Developing a Championship Culture, Promoting Your Program, Working With the Media, Civility in Youth Sports, Behavior, Working with Assistants, Working with Teachers, Playing Time, Bullying, the Trophy Debate, Working With Volunteers and Sportsmanship. Don’t see what you need? Contact us and we will develop a program to meet your specific needs.

Topics for Parents

As with coaches, we provide many programs specifically geared towards parents of youth athletes:  Bullying, Motivation, Positive Thoughts, Integrity, Winning Honorably, Working With Coaches, Nutrition, the Trophy Debate, Sportsmanship, Mental Care, Depression, Sleep, Sports Drinks, Coaching Your Own Child,  the Ride Home, Abusive Coaches, Sportsmanship, Sibling Rivalry, What Makes a Good Coach, and Specialization. Don’t see what you are interested in? Contact us and we will develop a program to meet your specific needs.

Topics for Student-Athletes

Being an athlete is not easy. IYSI provides various programming for student-athletes to help them have a fun and life-changing experience. Here are just a few of the topics:  Sportsmanship, Bullying, Making a Great Teammate, Winning Honorably, Integrity, Pledges, Goal Setting, Leadership, Motivation, Positive Thoughts, Depression, Nutrition, Confidence, and Anxiety. Have other ideas? Contact us. 

Improving Youth Sports

Topics of further interest for those who lead youth sports programs, including club, city recreation leaders and city administrators:  Civility in Youth Sports, How to Market Your Programs, Training Future Sports Information Student Assistants, Getting More Girls into the Game, and How to Support Underserved Communities Through Sport. Need ideas and help with hosting your banquet? Need help and ideas for recognizing your key supporters and backers in your community?  We can help.

What Does it Cost?

Iowa Youth Sports Initiative provides a wide range of programming covering a broad range of topics to a multitude of audiences. The cost is determined by the kind of program requested (seminar, online/zoom, panel, speaker, length of program, etc.). Cost begins as low as $350.00. But the cost is minimal compared to what the cost is for our youth athletes if they aren’t learning life lessons through sport and aren’t having fuun in the process. Contact us and we can discuss your options. Also, consider reaching out to possible sponsors for your program needs. We can assist with that, also.